About Dr. Sai Satish

“A good physician treats the disease; a great physician treats the patient.” – William Osler.

Dr. Sai Satish is an internationally renowned Senior Interventional Cardiologist from India. After his post-doctoral degree in cardiology, he did stints at the Cleveland clinic under the then director of interventional cardiology Dr. Patrick Whitlow, fine tuning his skills in managing complex coronary lesions. He also trained at St. Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein Netherlands in transcatheter aortic valve replacement as early as 2008 when the technology was just being born. He has been a senior consultant at Apollo Hospitals, India now for more than a decade and has an impressive record of performing some of the most complex coronary interventions in the country.  

Committed to providing high risk patients with safer non-surgical options, Dr. Sai and his highly experienced team have performed thousands of procedures for diffusely diseased vessels, Left Mains (isolated/ bifurcation/trifurcation), Chronic Total Occlusions (100% blocked vessels) and heavily calcified vessels with the routine use of Rotablation.

A lot of hard work and rigorous training has been the key for attaining such a high level of expertise in the field of interventional cardiology. Dr. Sai Satish has been fortunate to have practiced under the guidance of Padmashri Dr. MATHEW SAMUEL KALARICKAL, Director-Interventional Cardiology at Apollo Hospitals who is widely known as the father of angioplasty in India.

If you only do what you can you can never be more than what you are – Master Shifu

Dr. Sai Satish has a keen interest in learning new techniques and teaching. He is a proctor for rotablation and routinely conducts hands-on training internationally helping launch programmes that advocate its use. In a new era of non-surgical valve replacements, a procedure only few centers are equipped to carry out and which even fewer are licensed to perform independently, he is a TAVR Trainer and has launched the sub continents first TAVR training center in collaboration with the Gottsegen Hungarian Institute of Cardiology whose commitment to education sets it apart from other centers in the world. Dr. Sai Satish is touted as one of the best cardiologist in Pune.

Dr. Sai Satish, a heart specialist, sits on several international advisory boards and routinely chairs sessions on complex PCI and TAVR across the world as a recognized expert in the field. He has performed several live case demonstrations that have been transmitted live to international conferences and other cardiac centers. He also has numerous presentations and publications to his name and his work has been showcased at various national and international symposiums.

Dr. Sai continues to participate in clinical research activities and has been an investigator in international studies such as OASIS V NSTEMI, OASIS VI STEMI, SPIRIT V and ABSORB EXTEND. He has also been an investigator for “CYPHER E SELECT REGISTRY” in India and THE BIOMIME 1 INDIAN REGISTRY.

While he finds the medical profession fulfilling and his passion for perfection is relentless, Dr. Sai’sSatish has a strong social streak as well. He is extremely passionate about preventive health and strongly believes that since India doesn’t have the means to treat all its heart patients, it definitely should focus on preventing people from becoming heart patients in the first place! He continues to contribute at primary healthcare centers via medical camps for screening and early treatment for cardiac health of rural and urban India. As a champion for preventive health he firmly believes that rather than negotiating medication and clinical intervention, lifestyle monitoring is the best bet for future generations.